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Jawatan kosong di True Fitness Sdn Bhd

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Jika anda mahu untuk membina satu kerjaya menarik dan bermanfaat di True Fitness, sertai mereka dan True Fitnes.

Jawatan yang ditawar - Eksekutif operasi

Jawatan kosong di - Petaling Jaya (Selangor)

Tugas jawatan:

  • Assist in monitoring of all activities involving daily club operations.
  • Responsible for the training of operations personnel for that club to ensure that they are capable of performing their duties and meeting the responsibilities required of them.
  • Responsible for maintaining an appropriate work conduct of Front Desk personnel.
  • Assist in enforcement of club rules and regulations regarding member activities within the club facility.
  • Conducting monthly stock check of the club suppliers such as stationeries/ club amenities/ laundry/ uniforms/ name tags/ printing materials.
  • Assist in preparing working schedules for CSOs and coordinate with Operations Manager on regular intervals for any improvements and ensure CSOs to work with the Membership Consultants smoothly so as to increase the sales of memberships and minimize members' complaints.
  • Daily monitor of booking forms and class schedules which are available at all times and ensure Aphelion system at the reception is running smoothly and to generate required reports.
  • Responsible to upkeep and post current news/promotions/memos onto the club's notice board.
  • * Interact with members to obtain feedback on services provided and report to Operations Manager for improvement of the club's services.
  • Assist customers with their complaints and provide solutions to meet customer satisfaction.
  • Assist in ensuring that the club's environment is maintained according to established maintenance procedures.
  • Assist in reviewing all CSOs disciplinary actions. Ensure their attitudes towards members are professional.
Jawatan kosong di True Fitness Sdn Bhd

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