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Lots of people think that the job market is flat; that there are no job opportunities, but the truth is there are plenty of job vacancies available. You just need to know how to do a job search for these job vacancies effectively.

jawatan kosong suruhanjaya sekuriti

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Jawatan kosong di Securities Commission Malaysia (SC)

At the SC, we offer you excellent career opportunities

The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) is a statutory body set up to regulate and develop the Malaysian capital market. Our vision is to develop a quality, vibrant capital market for both issuers and investors. We seek talented and highly motivated professionals to join us in enhancing gate-keeping, supervision and enforcement within a strong regulatory framework. If you are an outstanding individual wanting a career that will allow you to develop and challenge your experience, skills and competence, the SC offers positions with genuine responsibilities, exceptional exposure and wide opportunities for career growth. Innovative, dedicated and dynamic Malaysians are invited to apply for the following positions:

Closing date 9 December 2011
1.AssistantManager/ Manager Investment Management Supervision
2.Senior Manager Investment Management Supervision
3.Assistant General Manager Investment Management Supervision

Closing date 30 November 2011
1.Assistant Manager/Manager Transaction Disclosures
2.Senior Manager Prosecution & Civil Enforcement
3.Assistant General Manager Prosecution & Civil Enforcement
4.Senior Executive Property Valuation
5.Assistant Manager/Manager Property Valuation

Jawatan kosong suruhanjaya sekuriti

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