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Jawatan kosong di focus point

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Tarikh Tutup Permohonan : 25 November 2011
Focus Point Vision Care Group Sdn. Bhd.

When Focus Point won the Franchise of the Year award in 2009, our president Dato' Liaw said that the dedication and teamwork of the company’s employees and franchisees were the main reasons for our success.

The conviction that people are our most important asset is something Dato’ Liaw and his management team have maintained throughout the years. At Focus Point, we believe that our staff and our partners are the reason we have come this far, and that it is largely through their perseverance, hard work and support that we stand where we are today.

That is why, in addition to always being on the lookout for resourceful and capable individuals to join the Focus Point family, we also organize in-house training programmes that are open to staff and eligible franchisees.

Our purpose for these programmes is two-fold: firstly, we want to ensure that everyone who represents the Focus Point brand is equipped to the best of their ability to provide our customers with quality service; and secondly, we want to encourage, motivate and enable our staff and partners to achieve their full potential.

With the company expanding rapidly, we know that there is a lot more in store for us. We also know that more hard work is needed if we are to bring Focus Point to the next level, and we can’t help but be excited about the challenges that lie ahead.

Focus Point currently provides career opportunities to over 600 people in Malaysia alone, and that number is increasing by the day. To everyone in the Focus Point family, employees and franchisees alike, we want to express our appreciation for your efforts and for your confidence in us. To those of you who are perhaps considering joining us, we welcome you.

Nama Jawatan
: Pengarah/Pengurus

Keterangan Kekosongan : Responsibilities:-
- Responsible for assisting department in improving the operations of retail franchise development, achieving sales target and profitability.

Pengalaman Berkaitan Diperlukan : 24Bulan

Bilangan Kekosongan : 1

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