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Lots of people think that the job market is flat; that there are no job opportunities, but the truth is there are plenty of job vacancies available. You just need to know how to do a job search for these job vacancies effectively.

Kerja kosong di Kuwait Finance House

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As one of the largest global Islamic banks, KFHMB is dedicated to providing customers with the utmost quality in products and services. Our staff are highly trained and committed to providing personalised and professional solutions making our presence in Malaysia a great effort in promoting international Islamic banking. At KFHMB we offer continuous development opportunities that allow you to contribute and share with us in a professional and corporate working environment.

Should you be interested in pursuing a career with KFHMB, kindly send in your resume to our Human Capital Division at careers@kfh.com.my.

Current Openings

1. Branch Manager, Retail & Consumer Banking
2. Manager Branch Operations (MBO), Retail & Consumer Banking
3. Customer Relationship Manager, Retail & Consumer Banking
4. Personal Financing Consultant, Retail & Consumer Banking
5. Customer Service Executive, Retail & Consumer Banking
6. Account Relationship Manager, Mortgage, Retail & Consumer Banking
7. Account Relationship Manager, Automobile, Retail & Consumer Banking
8. Personal Financing Executive, Retail & Consumer Banking
9. Senior Manager, Investment Banking
10. Manager, Investment Banking
11. Executive, Investment Banking
12. Manager, Credit Risk Management
13. Senior Relationship Manager, Corporate Banking
14. Relationship Manager, Corporate Banking
15. Manager, Capital Market Advisory
16. Assistant Manager, Capital Market Advisory
17. Executive, Capital Market Advisory
18. Executive, Remedial Unit, Credit Control
19. Senior Manager, Credit Control
20. Senior Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking
21. Relationship Manager, Commercial Banking
22. Manager, Shariah
23. Assistant Manager, Shariah
24. Executive, Shariah
25. Manager, IT Audit, Internal Audit
26. Executive, Finance
27. Assistant Manager, Finance
28. Senior Manager, Finance

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