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jawatan kosong di Chuan Sin Sdn Bhd

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Jawatan kosong Engineer
Tempat kerja Shah Alam, Taipiing & Yong Peng
Tarikh tutup 25 mei 2011

Spritzer Group is the most integrated and largest bottled water producer in Malaysia. The full range of bottled water covers natural mineral water, distilled drinking water, carbonated flavored drink, carbonated flavored isotonic water, sparkling water, carbonated vitamized water, and green tea beverages

Tugas jawatan:

• To carry out production and preventative maintenance planning.
• To ensure that an effective preventive maintenance program for machinery is being set ups and maintained as
• To ensure that machinery are maintained in good conditions to minimize production down time.
• To monitor machinery performance and to carry out necessary modification to achieve higher efficiency.
• Training of technician and machine operator.
• Ensure that production and maintenance activities have been carried out according to plan and procedures.
• Identifying area for continuing improvement.
• To compile and ensure that production and maintenance reports and records are properly done and maintained.
• To be actively involved in carrying out investigation and troubleshooting activities in relate to product/process
• To ensure that corrective actions for nonconformity identified are being carried out accordingly.
• To ensure that record for spare parts are properly maintained.
• To co-ordinate with supplier (if necessary) for works concerning machinery.
• To attend to machinery breakdowns and repairing work.
• To prepare yearly maintenance budget.
• To be assigned with special task on ad-hoc basis should there’s a need arise.

jawatan kosong di Chuan Sin Sdn Bhd

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