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jawatan kosong Telekom Malaysia

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Jawatan kosong di Telekom Malaysia
Closing date 10 Mac 2011

Massage from TM

Telekom Malaysia Berhad ("TM") would like to advise that its official on-line recruitment portal is www.tmcareer.com.my and for those who wish to seek employment with TM are advised to visit only this portal.

Please also note that TM does not request any form of payment nor impose any charges or fees for processing job applications or employment offers.

TM also does not employ any third-party on-line employment agency for the recruitment exercise in TM. Thus, any employment opportunity offered by websites other than www.tmcareer.com.my is unauthorized, not genuine and invalid.

Do not trust any hyperlink that you may receive through e-mail or any employment offer from the third party, disguising as TM's recruitment agent. We strongly recommend you to always check that the url address in your internet browser is accurate when visiting our official recruitment website to ensure that you are not directed to the incorrect sites or portal.

Please be advised that on-line communication on recruitment from TM, if any, would be sent by TM's officials using only the following e-mail domains:

* www.tm.com.my
* www.tmcareer.com.my

TM shall not be held responsible for any losses suffered by you as a result of your reliance of any other unauthorized recruitment portals, websites or other on-line communications.

Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us at +603 7711 7700 or e-mail us at hrhelpdesk@tm.com.my.

Jawatan kosong TM

1. Assistant Manager Ms Menara Tm
2. Manager Iso System & Standards
3. Assistant Manager Financial Reporting & Interco 2
4. Assistant Manager Accounting Policies & Procedures
5. Corporate Counsel Tm Global
6. Assistant Manager Agent & Vendor Management
7. Pembantu Pengatur Rancangan Komputer (Business Operation-Tm Global)
8. Manager Technology Portfolio & Lifecycle Management
9. Assistant Manager Sales Planning & Customer Management (Selangor)
10. Assistant Manager Sales Planning & Customer Management (Perak)
11. Assistant Manager Sales Planning & Customer Management (Pahang)
12. Assistant Manager Sales Planning & Customer Management (Negeri Sembilan)
13. Assistant Manager Performance Management & Business Partnership
14. Manager Telemarketing & Online
15. Assistant Manager Telemarketing
16. Manager Save Programs
17. Assistant Manager Predictive Programs Execution
18. Manager Service Engineer Selangor
19. Assistant Manager Call Plan 2 Smi
20. Assistant General Manager Business A&P
21. Assistant Manager - Fraud Investigation & Intelligence 2
22. Assistant Manager - Fraud Account & Corporate Services
23. Assistant Manager €“ Fraud Thresholding & Technical Management

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