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jawatan kosong di SBIT Training Sdn Bhd

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Closing Date: 07-04-11

We are a private training organization established with the objective of providing quality IT support skills training to Malaysians, especially school leavers. Through our training, our students will be equipped with the latest repairs and support skills to start their career or to start their own IT business immediately.

We invite capable, suitable, energetic & self-driven candidates to join us for the following vacancy.

Team Leader cum IT Trainer
MYR 3000 - 4000

Tugas jawatan:

* Responsible in overall planning, reviewing and renewal of academic programs to ensure effective academic outcomes and quality for students to thrive in digital economy
* Responsible to lead the academic team to review and develop curriculum for the academic programs in an economy driven by knowledge and innovation
* Lead the academic team to excel or meet performance standards and ensuring the fulfillment of service conditions and work agreements of academic team
* Developing the expertise of staff and to draw up a manpower planning
* Recruiting, training and retaining new lecturers in accordance with the philosophy of SBIT
* Accountable for the effective management of the infrastructure and all the assets in the department which include usage, maintenance and upgrading works
* Responsible to create and maintain the necessary structure in the academic team by means of which effective and relevant service can be delivered to client
* Involved in lecturing from time to time

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