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Lots of people think that the job market is flat; that there are no job opportunities, but the truth is there are plenty of job vacancies available. You just need to know how to do a job search for these job vacancies effectively.


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Kemuncak is an established Integrated Asset Management provider with a client base ranging from Multi National Corporations to local authorities. Solid technical support networks and links backing us to prominent international facilities management companies. Our business focuses on ensuring our clients optimal facilities uptime, efficiency, asset extended lifecycle and provision of reliable data through continuous improvement and management of the asset. Kemuncak has the necessary financial, technical and human resource capability to undertake various projects specializing in Support Service, General Services, High Tech operations and maintenance, Facility/ Property Management, Building System Infrastructure and Strategic Facility Solutions and Asset Intelligence. Management of the asset encompasses specifying the delivery standard of our solutions, measuring our performance as well as planning and controlling resources to meet and/or exceed our customer’s expectations.

(Selangor - Kelana Jaya, PJ)


* A member of PR & Marketing Department, assist in planning and executing public relation promotions, projects, editorial opportunities, etc
* Assist in implementation of marketing strategies
* Maintain strong relations with media venues and keep the records
* Support and maintain company official website by updating information, amend content and etc
* Creative in writing
* Assist in execution of company collaterals
* Organise, coordinate or support company events, functions and sponsorship activities
* Establish and maintain good rapport with customers, media and government liaison
* Undertake other responsibilities as assigned from time to time.


* Team player with leadership qualities
* Positive attitude and pleasant personality
* Minimum of three years hands-on experience in public relations field is a must
* Excellent communication and writing skills
* Excellent multi-tasking skills
* Knowledge in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator would be an added advantage

closing date 6 Jun 2010

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