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jawatan kosong MIMOS

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MIMOS is filled with dynamic network of highly motivated and skilled people from various countries. Our core values, internal and external training programs, pre-service and in-service scholarships and cultural diversity are designed to assist you in creating clearer career objectives and development plans.

Combined with a flat and team-oriented organization structure, we provide a stimulating and co-operative working environment for you to excel.

With "Innovation for life" as our tagline, we also reward our employees for submitting inventions, through various schemes, including cash rewards.

We look forward to sharing our successes together. If you are keen to explore too, send us your resume at: recruit@mimos.my

Senior Staff / Staff/ Senior/Engineer Positions
Server Administrator - Grid Computing
Senior /Engineer - Network
Architect - System/Software
Senior / Engineer - Knowledge Engineering
Staff/Senior Engineer - Software Development
Engineer - Advanced Application Development
Engineer - CPE Architecture
Engineer - Unified Communication
Staff/Senior Engineer - Embedded Programming
Senior /Engineer - Information Security
Senior Engineer - Digital Signal Processing
Project Leader/ Staff Engineer - Digital Signal Processing
Staff/ Senior Staff Engineer - System Interface API
Staff/ Senior Engineer - Architecture Design
Staff/ Senior Staff Engineer - Field Engineering
Staff/Senior Engineer - Analog IC Design
Staff/Senior Engineer - ASIC Design

Senior Staff /Staff /Senior/Researcher Positions
Senior Researcher - Semantic Agent Group
Senior Researcher - Multi-Modal Understanding (For Text)
Senior/Researcher Pattern Recognition
Senior Staff/Staff Researcher - System Architect
Staff/ Researcher - IPv6 Protocol Development
Senior Researcher - Semantic Multi - Agent Platform
Researcher - Semantic Visualization
Researcher - WiWi
Senior/ Researcher - Wimax Mesh Network

Director / Manager Positions
Director - Wireless Networks and Protocol Research
Facilities Manager - Maintenance and Operations
Facilities Manager - Facilities Project
Portfolio Manager - Grid Computing
Portfolio Manager - Information Security

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