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Lots of people think that the job market is flat; that there are no job opportunities, but the truth is there are plenty of job vacancies available. You just need to know how to do a job search for these job vacancies effectively.

jawatassn kosong DiGi

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"Hello and welcome to DiGi. Thanks for visiting our site. Its customary for the HR guy to write some appropriate words, so here goes...

DiGi is more than a company (really!). We are a collection of people from diverse backgrounds and experiences pulling together to create an inspiring company. Not just in terms of building and nurturing one of the best loved brands in Malaysia (we have a nice plaque from Interbrand to confirm that), but also in terms of creating a unique working climate and culture so different (in very, very nice ways) from what you see around you.

The result? An open, transparent, flexible and positive working environment that has allowed us to outgrow the market year after year, raise the level of competition in the Malaysian mobile telecommunications industry (which has benefited Malaysian consumers immeasurably), contribute to the community around us ("Doing Great whilst Doing Good") and deliver superior-doesn't-quite-describe-it returns to our shareholders.

And yet, we are humble too ;) There are so many opportunities for the right kind of person to come in and make even greater things happen. And lots of things to fix - we are never satisfied with "what is", and keep chasing "what could be". We pursue excellence as if it is one of our core values (and of course it is).

We keep changing - "Time to Change' is a constant battle-cry inside and outside the Company. We work hard to build the right organisation to deliver our value propositions of "Simplicity, Innovativeness, Great Value". DiGi could very well be the kind of organisation that you have been looking for.

There could be a job in DiGi that is just right for you. Question is...Is DiGi right for you?

It could be, if you are young-at-heart, enjoy challenging roles and close working interactions with colleagues (and customers), if you feel stifled by hierarchy/protocols/barriers, whether physical (we have no rooms or offices or cubicles or even reserved seat/desk for anybody) or psychological/emotional (no job grades, no benefits differentiation whether you are a janitor or general manager) and a very small number of unglamorous job titles (and that's only if you are unlucky!)

Want a taste of DiGi? See our Terms and Conditions of Service as well as our Code of Conduct.

Still interested? Come in and browse through, and contact us. You can send your enquiries to us at greatjobs@digi.com.my

Because its always Time to Change."

Adzhar, the HR guy