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Perlis State Economic Development Corporation (PSEDC)
The Perlis State Economic Development Corporation (PSEDC) is responsible for the promotion of economic development of Perlis by undertaking manufacturing and commercial development, housing, trade, agricultural and other economic activities. The corporate objective of PSEDC is to initiate and to propel state government to expand and develop its economy for the benefits of its people.
As the principal development agency of the state government of Perlis, PSEDC promotes industrial development, including manufacturing, tourism, agriculture, information technology and multimedia, education industry and entrepreneur development. The PSEDC acts as one stop agency for the local and foreign investors who intend to set up business in the state.

The board members of PSEDC, consists of the Chief Minister of Perlis who is the Chairman. Other members are the State Head of Department an Federal Government representatives from the Prime Minister Department, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperative.

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