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Maktab Kerjasama Malaysia

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Established in 1956, the Cooperative College of Malaysia (MKM) is the only educational institution offering cooperative studies in Malaysia. It was incorporated under an act of Parliament in 1968 as a statutory body responsible for the provision of training courses and education on cooperative studies for the cooperative movements in the country. The MKM is now an agency under the Ministry of Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development.

The administrative expenditure for the operation of MKM is largely financed by the Cooperative Education Trust Fund which receives contributions from cooperatives in Malaysia. Since 1969, it has been mandatory for all cooperatives in Malaysia to contribute 2% of their net profit to this trust fund.


The Cooperative College of Malaysia Act of 1968 has designated the MKM as an institution for the development and promotion of cooperative training and education in the country. Among the functions of the MKM are:

  • Conducting courses related to cooperatives.
  • Publishing or printing books on cooperatives or other related matters.
  • Conducting research and offering consultancy services on cooperatives.
  • Conducting research work related to cooperatives.

The MKM provides training to board members and staff at all levels of cooperatives in order to help create an administration and management workforce which is effective, proficient and ethical within the cooperatives.

In addition, the MKM provides training to officers from other government agencies/departments such as the JPK, RISDA, LPP, LKIM, FELCRA, MADA and KADA which have cooperatives under their respective wings. Training is also offered to foreign officers and managers of cooperatives from developing countries around the world.

Commencing from the year 2000, the MKM has therefore offered candidates with SPM to undertake a course leading to a Diploma in Cooperative Management. In fact since 1998, in collaboration with Leicester University, the MKM has started a distance learning programme for cooperative managers and leaders. These are among the steps undertaken by the MKM in its effort to develop qualified and professional manpower for the cooperative movements in the country.


The MKM is strategically located in Petaling Jaya, which is very close to Kuala Lumpur. It is easily accessible by air or by road, and therefore, convenient for all and specifically the cooperative movements to reach the MKM.
The peaceful surroundings of the MKM with beautiful and scenic gardens make the college an ideal location for meetings, conventions, seminars, courses, workshops and other like activities.

The MKM in Sabah has been operational since June 1997 while in Sarawak, it has been operational since September 1998.

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