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MATRADE, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation, is Malaysia's national trade promotion agency. Established in March 1993, MATRADE's primary role is to assist Malaysian exporters to develop and expand their export markets. Assisted by a network of 34 overseas offices located in major commercial cities around the world, MATRADE provides a wide range of services and assistance to both Malaysian exporters and foreign importers who are sourcing for trade related information


  • Positioning Malaysia as a globally competitive trading nation


  • Promoting Malaysia's enterprises to the world


  • To promote, assist and develop Malaysia's external trade with particular emphasis on the export of manufactured and semi-manufactured products and services
  • To formulate and implement export marketing strategies and trade promotion activities to promote Malaysia's export
  • To undertake commercial intelligence and market research and create a comprehensive database of information for the improvement and development of Malaysia's trade
  • To organise training programmes to improve the international marketing skills of Malaysian exporters
  • To enchance and protect Malaysia's international trade interest abroad
  • To promote, facilitate and assist in the services areas related to trade