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jawatan kosong di UMS

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jawatan kosong Universiti Malaysia Sabah

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To realize its mission, UMS strives to achieve 9 objectives:

  • To achieve academic excellence which is recognised internationally in various chosen disciplines, such as science, technology, engineering, business, economics, politics and social sciences.
  • To explore, safeguard and apply the disciplines effectively for social and national development.
  • To uphold academic autonomy and to maintain intellectual excellence in the university community.
  • To produce specialized and yet balanced, assertive, open-minded, God-fearing and patriotic graduates.
  • To organise quality and relevant teaching and research programmes for the society and the nation.
  • To enhance close linkages between the university, industries, the Government, professional bodies and social organizations.
  • To nurture humanistic values that are universal and encourage an open mind coupled with a sense of service and dedication among academics, scholars, officials and the auxiliary staff in the University that would results in optimum productivity.
  • To contribute towards a stable and dynamics socio-economic development.
  • To foster pride and prestige in the university as a premier progressive institution.
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